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April 7, 2012

Becoming the Boss of the Mind

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Most people keep thinking the same kind of thoughts, and visualize the same mental images in an unconscious automatic manner. This means they keep viewing the same movie in their minds, and consequently, go on creating and living the same kind of life.

You can change the thoughts and images in your mind, which is equivalent to inserting a new cassette into the VCR of the mind. As thoughts create events and circumstances, by changing the habitual thoughts, life’s events and circumstances change too.

Most people don’t know or don’t believe that it is possible to change their way of thinking. The reality of this possibility has never occurred to them.

There are people who have the knowledge and make the effort. If they persist in their efforts to become more conscious of their thinking process, and attempt to control and filter the contents of their minds, they realize in a practical and direct way that their thoughts are creative and possess power.

Silencing the mind is a higher stage that very few know about, and fewer take practical steps to achieve. If and when one reaches this goal he realizes that he is not his mind or his thoughts, but something beyond. He realizes and experiences in a very clear and direct manner the reality of his True Essence, and the illusion of what is called “reality”.

The ability of silencing the mind is the key to the switch of the mind, enabling us to turn it on and off as we wish. When we are able to switch it off at will, we experience serenity of mind, strength, confidence and happiness. When the mind and its thoughts are quiet, we are able to use the mind in a most effective way.

Silencing the thoughts and the incessant, tiring, consuming chatter of the mind makes us enjoy a peaceful and joyous consciousness. At this stage, we become the boss of the mind.

Conquering the mind

A strong power of concentration makes it easier to free the mind from thoughts. When there are no thoughts to distract, one becomes fully aware and conscious of the true eternal inner being. This is the goal of spiritual seekers, yogis and saints. This is the secret goal beyond every tradition and religion. This secret is yours to live and enjoy, if you strive towards it.

The mind is responsible for everything that happens. It is the creator of everything in the world. The world is dependent on the mind for its existence. When in deep sleep with no dreams, are you conscious of the world? Is someone in a swoon, conscious of the world? No, consciousness of the world happens only when the mind is active. In deep meditation, when the mind is quiet the world seems to disappear.

When you master your mind, you master your world. When you are able to silence the mind, you free yourself of negative habits and attitudes. Then the mind cannot influence the way you feel, your moods, and your behavior.

When you can silence the mind, at least for a while, you realize that you are not the mind. It is a sort of energy that occupies your attention incessantly. For someone who encounters this approach for the first time, it may sound weird and silly. Someone who has practiced meditation for some time, or is conversant with the Eastern philosophies will understand and accept these words. From this inner silence, you can look at the mind, understand what it is, and come to know its nature and how and why it works.

While working towards this inner state, the mind usually suggests all kinds of reasons and excuses why it is better not to bring it under control. It wants to be free and roam wherever it likes. It believes that if it is silenced, life will cease to be. It cannot accept that life can go on without its incessant chatter and inner dialogues. It is false logic, as the mind cannot know what is beyond it. The moment it is silenced it does not participate in what happens after this silence. Then how can it experience a state in which it is absent? It cannot think about a state it has never experienced.

There is no vacuum in nature. When the mind is made quiet, something “new” steps in. It is the Universal Consciousness, Spirit, the creative power, your “inner I”. You can call it whatever you want. It is a power that has always existed, and it is in us, it is us. It is our true Consciousness, which we have forgotten.

The Power of Thoughts

If you keep thinking about difficulties, fears and failure your life will mirror these thoughts. If you keep thinking about your current circumstances you will keep recreating them. Most people get caught in this way of thinking, and consequently, attract into their lives the same kind of events and circumstances over and over again.

You can change your thoughts and choose the thoughts you want. This will change your life. You can right now start to think in a different way and paint new, beautiful, and positive images in your mind. You can refuse to look at the old pictures and scenes that fill your mind. You can look at the mental pictures of your choice, even if your actual circumstances are very different from these mental images.

You have a projection room in your mind, and you can choose which film to play. In the inner room of your mind, you can hang the pictures and paintings of your own choice. Does a feeling of power surge through you now, as you read these lines? You can master your life!

Thoughts are the inner strings that pull circumstances and situations. You can be the one pulling these strings and make your life happier and more satisfying. When you are the boss of your mind you have the power to improve your inner and emotional life, relationships and your material and financial status.

Some make a mediocre change; some go to the extreme, and become leaders in politics, education, finance or any other field. Your ability, and how far you go is dependent on how free you are from being the slave of the mind and subject to its tyranny, and the extent of your ability to choose your thoughts and change the contents of your mind.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to go even further than this, though few do. There are some who aspire to reach the source of the mind and find the switch that turns it on and off. This is the switch of true inner freedom. When they succeed, they realize the secret that many have sought down the ages. They find the silence beyond thoughts, the real freedom.

Becoming the boss of your mind enables you to think about what you want, when you want to. You stop being influenced by outside forces, and become a partner in the creation of your life.

When you rise above your mind, you will be able to recognize it as it is, a tool for your use. You will arrive at a point, where you will be able to free yourself from its dictates. This may ultimately lead you to experience a higher state of consciousness, about which all the spiritual traditions of the world have always taught about, and towards which they pointed.

Mind Power – The Power of Thoughts

Mind power is the second strongest power next to the spirit. The thoughts that pass through your mind are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Your predominant thoughts influence your behavior and attitude and control your actions and reactions. As your thoughts are, so is your life.

You have to be careful of what you think. Thoughts are like a video cassette that is played in the VCR of the mind. What you play is what you see and experience. What you think is what you live. To make changes in your life it is necessary to eject the old video cassette, and insert a new one that you like.

The power of thoughts is creative. It is possible to train and strengthen it. With it you can cause your thoughts to manifest on the material plane, and you can influence other people’s minds.

If you give seeds water and fertilizers they grow into healthy and strong plants. Thoughts, like seeds, have a natural tendency to grow and manifest on the material level if they are fed with attention and interest.

Your thoughts pass to your subconscious mind, which in turn influences your actions in accordance with these thoughts. Your thoughts also pass to other minds, and consequently people who are in a position to help, give you their help, sometimes without even knowing why. The power of your mind is part of the creative power of the Universe, which means that your thoughts work together with the mighty Universal mind.

Using effectively the power of thoughts can be termed “practical daydreaming”.

Visualize a perfect scene of whatever you want to accomplish.
Put a lot of detail, color, sound, scent and life into these mental scenes.
Repeat them often, with faith and attention, and the subconscious will accept them as real experiences. It does not differentiate between real and imaginary experiences, and accepts them both as real.

Actions, situations and objects that you visualize frequently eventually manifest on the material plane in a natural way. It is as if new software has been installed in the mind, and which affects the outer world. This manifestation does not happen overnight. It needs time, and depends on how ambitious and sincere you are, and how much time and attention you put into this action.

This process can be used for changing, improving or developing any kind of habit, ability or skill, and it is useful for gaining money, possessions and promotion, for building a business, improving health and relationships, changing circumstances and for practically almost everything.

Pay attention to the thoughts you think. Learn to let into your mind only the thoughts that bring good, happy and positive results.

How to Create a Positive Atmosphere

Your thoughts and feelings create your attitude, and the sort and frequency of the mental and emotional vibrations that you transmit from your mind, and which create the atmosphere around you. People who are in your proximity sense this atmosphere and are affected by it. This atmosphere also determines their attitude toward you.

Do you sometimes feel unhappy, or even depressed, when coming in contact with certain people? Do you sometimes feel exhausted, as if your energy is gone? Do negative thoughts enter your mind for no reason? One of the reasons for this things happening is because you are affected by the negative mental and emotional vibrations transmitted from the minds of negative people.

At other times, you might feel elated, happy and inspired or experience inner peace. This also might be the influence of someone’s vibrations.

The stronger you are, the more control you have over your mind, and the more peaceful you are, the less other people will be able to affect you.

You can become a positive force that affects and transforms your environment and the people around you. You can do so by being careful and aware of the thoughts you think and the feelings you experience. This is not an easy task, and requires attention, discipline and perseverance.

Creating a positive atmosphere
  1. Do your best to stay positive under all circumstances and in all situations. This might not be easy, and requires constant trying.
  2. Focus your mind more attentively on what you are doing. This will train your mind to transmit more powerful vibrations.
  3. Practice concentration exercises. This strengthens your ability to choose your thoughts, and puts more energy into them.
  4. Practice meditation. This will help you transmit more peaceful vibrations.
  5. The more inner peace you can develop, the more peaceful vibrations you can transmit. Inner peace is the product of inner training, detachment and meditation. With some inner work, everyone can gain at least some measure of inner peace.
  6. Visualize only what you really want to happen, and nothing that can hurt you or other people.
  7. Arouse happiness within you, and soak yourself within it. Feel how this happiness is filling the space around you, the room, the house, the office, the bus or train where you are.
  8. Visualize bright light, full of life, happiness and positive vibrations, filling your body and the place where you are.

Remember, one single thought is not going to change the atmosphere around you, but repeated thoughts will.

There are other, more advanced means to affect the atmosphere around you, but this is not the place to discuss them.

Here is what William Walker Atkinson wrote in his book “Practical Mental Influence and Mental Fascination”:
“When a thought or a feeling is generated in the mind or brain of a person, the energy generated flows forth from the brain of the person in the forms of waves of mental energy, spreading from the immediate neighborhood of the thinker to a distance proportioned to the strength of the thought or feeling. The thought waves have the property of awakening similar vibrations in the minds of other persons coming within their field of force.”

You Are Not The Mind

Pupil: You have earlier said that I am not the mind, but a power above it, could you please clarify this point?

Teacher: The fact that you can give orders to the mind, act contrary to its dictates, and reprogram it in accordance with your own will, proves that YOU are indeed NOT the mind.

Pupil: Your words confuse me. Until now, I had no doubts that my mind and myself were the same entity.

Teacher: This is what most people think. Let me clarify this concept. To operate a machine or drive a car, there must be someone in charge to make them work. A machine or a car cannot work on its own, is it not so?

Pupil: Right.

Teacher: If it is possible to change the programming of the mind and calm down its restlessness, it means that the power that is making this possible is something separate or higher than the mind, exactly as the one who operates a machine or drives a car is separate from the machine or car, right?

Pupil: Yes, this makes sense.

Teacher: There must be something or some sort of subtle power separate and higher than the mind, which is able to reprogram it and change its habits. If it were not so, it wouldn’t have been possible to gain peace of mind.

If you are able to say to your mind, “Be quiet”, and it obeys you, especially when its desires are different from yours, it means that you are the one giving the order, not the mind. It cannot order itself to shut up. There must be something or someone else who gives these orders, and this someone else is YOU, THE REAL YOU.

Acceptance of the concept that you are not the mind brings you to some important conclusions:

  • You don’t have to accept, follow and dwell on every thought that the mind brings up.
  • You have the option to accept or reject thoughts at your own will.
  • You can act according to your will, in spite of the mind’s resistance.
  • You can be in charge of your mind and master it.
  • You can decide on a certain action, behavior or goal, follow your decision and achieve your aim.

Whenever you overcome laziness, procrastination, weakness or a negative habit, you assert your supremacy over your mind and prove to yourself that the mind is not the real you, but a tool that you use.

By acting contrary to the mind’s dictations or desires and inclinations, you prove to yourself that you are not the mind, but the power above and beyond it.

Pupil: What is exactly this power, which is above the mind?

Teacher: This power is “the real you”, your real and true essence, which is called by different names such as: “The Inner I”, “The Spirit”, “The inner being” the “Higher Consciousness” etc.

Pupil: So, if I accept this concept, it would be easier to teach the mind to work for me instead of against me?

Teacher: Yes, That’s true! First accept this concept in theory and act according to it. Later, as you gain experience, especially after going through the concentration exercises, about which we will speak later, you will have direct experience for proof.

If you accept the idea that you are not the mind, it would be easier for you to separate yourself from the mind, and this will enable you to assert your inner strength and become the conscious director of your mind and life, instead of being at the mercy of external influences and subconscious past programming. It is up to you to claim your rightful role as the master of your mind.

I can show you many examples of situations, where this will be to your advantage.

Let’s say you decide to go for a walk, to exercise your body. As soon as you have this thought, your mind tells you that you’d better stay at home and watch TV instead. To persuade you to stay at home, it will bring up all kinds of justifications and reasons, why you should not go for a walk, but stay at home.

If you can mentally separate yourself from your mind, that is believe, feel and consider yourself separate and independent of your mind, you will be in a better and more authoritative position to reject its excuses and justifications, and to do what you really want and decide to do. You will not blindly and unconsciously obey every thought, whim and desire of the mind.

Pupil: This is real mental mastery.

A Little Black Pen


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