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January 9, 2012


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To gain unlimited power with people, you should know more than they do. You need to seek constantly to improve yourself, not only in your handling of people, but also in your own chosen field. Learn something new, don’t standing still or go backward because every day you live you forget something you learned previously.

The benefits you will gain:

  1. When you seek to improve yourself by keeping abreast of the latest development in your own field, you’ll always be ready for promotion at a moment’s notice. And you must always train yourself to be capable of taking over the next higher position at any time. If you are not ready, someone else will be.
  2. When you are the expert and the authority in your own field, your people will look up to you. They will admire and respect you. They will turn to you for advice and help. It will be much easier for you to gain the obedience, cooperation, and full support of your subordinates. And your superiors will take notice of you, too, for they’ll respect your abilities and have full confidence in you.
  3. When you seek self-improvement, your job will be more interesting and worthwhile. You can always keep your work new and exciting, and that in itself makes self-improvement worthwhile.

There are six techniques you can use to achieve these benefits

  1. Analyze yourself objectively and realistically
  2. Prepare yourself for advancement
  3. Ask for the advice and opinions of others who can help you improve
  4. Always accept managerial and executive training when it is offered to you
  5. develop a deep and genuine interest in people
  6. Actively search for ways to improve yourself

1. How to analyze yourself objectively and realistically

>> As hard as it might seem to you to do, you must honestly evaluate and inventory yourself so you can recognize and identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Both of these important to be improved, your personal qualities, and character traits. Even though you are striving for perfection, never let it lead you to frustration when you are missing your mark slightly.

>> Both areas, your personal leadership qualities and your technical and your personal development, must be constantly improved if you want to become completely successful in the art of motivating others to do what you want them to do.

>> However, you can’t set out on a self-improvement program unless you know and fully understand your own capabilities as well as your own limitations. That is the only way you’ll ever be able to strengthen your good points and get rid of your weak ones.

>> You must be self-motivated enough to want to achieve improvement. You must certainly be master of yourself before you can ever hope to master others and gain unlimited power with them.

>> Take a good long objective look at yourself. Have plenty of courage when you do. Take a true inventory to find your strong points and to isolate your weak ones. Then make the honest effort to overcome your weak ones. Improve and strengthen those where you are already strong.

>> You should continue to take a personal inventory, and when you are wrong, you should promptly admit it. That usually means you must make amends or apologize to someone immediately for what you did. To delay will only make things worse.

2. How to prepare yourself for advancement

>> If you want to be considered for promotion up the ladder, you must take the necessary action to prepare yourself for advancement. The biggest obstacle for success to most people is the improper use of their leisure time. So your first big step is simply to learn how to budget your time properly. Use your every hours, not to be wasted.

>> But you must leave some leisure moments for fun and game like swimming or whatever you like to do. And keep some time for your friends, society and family, like your spouse, children etc. do what he or she wants to do – at least part of the time. Save some time for making love with each other.

>> If you budget your time properly, sure you will find that you still have about three hours four or five nights a week that you can use to good advantage instead of watching television.

>> There’s absolutely no substitute for knowledge. You can acquire knowledge about any subject in the world if you have enough interest and desire to do so. Simply look for it – find it – learn it – apply it. By being selective in your reading, you can become a private student and have the greatest teacher in the world right at your fingertips.

3. Ask for the advice and opinions of others who can help you improve

>> Be sure that you listen when the advice you’ve asked for is given to you. Be certain to explore all possibilities to gain information for your continued improvement. A lot of good advice can come up to you from the actual working level, that is, if you are not too high and mighty to listen.

>> Who is the good advisor – the person who is actually doing the job always know more about its problem and how to solve them than anyone else does.

 4. Take advantage of managerial and executive training offers

>> If you want to get ahead, then, take every opportunity that is offered to you for self-improvement. It’s one of the surest methods you can use to gain unlimited power with people.

5. Develop a deep and genuine interest in people and their problems

>> You have to develop what is called the human touch. You simply have to know how stimulate them to do your bidding. And remember that you have to lead people, not push them. So remember that you have to pull people, not push them.

>> The trait such as polite, patient will be returned with respect. Remember for names and faces to who have dealer with you, this is one way how to show your genuine interest on people and their problem. Enthusiasmly find out what the other person want and then help him get it. Do that you will be successful every time.

6. Three ways to improve yourself

Here are three techniques you can use for self-improvement:

  1. Reach out for more responsibility. You really to grow when your job is just a little too big for you to handle easily without effort. If your present duties are no longer a real challenge to you, then it’s time for you to look around, especially above you, for new fields of conquest. Try to look for job which more responsibility, more challenge.
  2. Be your own taskmaster. An executive or a manager cannot be trained in the same way as a typist or a file clerk. Remember, technicians work with things, executives work with people. We all learn best by doing.
  3. Let yourself grow on the job. Know your job, enjoy it, and does it well. Use leadership and management of people to get the job done.

The nineteen guidelines for developing your personal power

Have a strong belief in human rights. Always stand up for the rights of others, even those with whom you disagree. And always remember that you don’t have to be disagreeable to disagree with other people.

  1. Always have respect for the dignity of every person, no matter who he or she is. Never degrade or attack the dignity of any individual. One of the best ways to practice this principle is to treat every woman like a lady and every man like a gentleman.
  2. Use the golden rule attitude toward everyone. Time has not dimmed the wisdom of this idea, and never will.
  3. Always show an abiding interest in all aspects of human welfare.
  4. Exhibit a willingness to deal with every person as considerately as if he or she were a blood relative.
  5. Behave toward new acquaintances as graciously as you do toward old friends and family members.
  6. You should never be selfish and self-centered. Remember, you are not the center of the universe even though at times you might think so. Really the world does not revolve around you. Always consider other people’s desires and talk to them in terms of their interests rather than your own, and you’ll have no trouble whatever in using this technique to obtain unlimited power with them.
  7. Don’t set up your own standards of right and wrong. The longer we live, the most we discover that there more gray than there is black and white in human behavior. So tolerate and accept the faults and character defects of those around you. Keep in mind that all the things you judge are done by people just like you. So be gracious to them. Make allowances for the weakness and frailties of others. Finally, take your own inventory rather than the inventory of others.
  8. Keep a healthy, lively, and active curiosity to learn everything you can about how to help others.
  9. Make allowances for experience. Learning in a slow repetitive process. No matter what your business or profession is, remember that you had to learn by doing. You had to crawl, too, before you were able to walk and then go run.
  10. Give ground on unimportant trifles, but always stand fast and firm on principles. You’ll find it’s always easier to get your way if you let the other person get his way on minor unimportant points that are not crucial to the situation.
  11. Make it a point always to help everybody whenever, wherever, and however you can. Help the person who needs help whenever you can. The people love and respect you for your concern for their welfare.
  12. Look for the inner qualities that make the person rather than by judging by some outside quality that can be extremely misleading.
  13. Realize that what you cannot do does not make a task impossible to accomplish.
  14. Accept the things that you cannot change, but have the courage to change the things you can. All you need is the wisdom to know the difference.
  15. Do not expect a uniformity of opinions or attempt to mold all dispositions alike.
  16. Never try to measure the enjoyment of others by your own.
  17. Always set the example for others to follow by being honest, dependable, courageous, and decisive.
  18. Exhibit such additional character traits as endurance, enthusiasm, initiative, judgment, justice, loyalty, diplomacy, and tack.

If you practice and follow these nineteen guidelines, these character traits will become deeply ingrained in you. The deeper they become and the stronger they grow, the easier it will be for you to practice these techniques. Your unlimited power with people will become almost automatic with you, and you’ll be able to keep it at a high level without even half trying.


Each person’s perception of style differs from the next. We each have our own ideas about what is chic, what is stylish, what kind of image we admire, what kind of social behavior we approve of, and what kind of impression we aspire to create.

And first impressions could be either negative or positive. You can use mind power and affirmations to create your own personal style such that it sits comfortably on you and allows you to always make positive first impressions. You must of course already have a desire to create your own personal style, whatever that is. Spend some time looking within yourself. What kind of impressions do you feel best expresses who you are and what you are? Once you have sorted this out in your mind, it is easy to make it a daily habit to affirm to yourself all that you aspire to be. For example, if you like to appear polished and well turned out all the time, practice by making sure your daily grooming habits reflect this aspect of your routine and keep affirming positive statements to yourself.

The affirmations presented here are meant for those who wish to develop a “professional” image. For those of you want to vary the image, just vary the words in the affirmations. By repeating these phrases to yourself daily, you will eventually succeed in convincing your inner selves to manifest the statements onto the physical plane. You will become what you have created in your mind!

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