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December 24, 2011

How to Find Your Real Purpose in Life

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What is really your purpose in life? But before that how do you really find your purpose? The true reason why you are here – the only reason why you exist.

Maybe you’re the type of person who does not believe that you have a purpose. However, that doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t believe that you have a purpose in life that will not stop you from knowing it. There will be a time when you will discover your real purpose in life and that is now.

For you to determine your real purpose, first you must clear your mind about all false purposes you knew including the thought that you don’t have a purpose.

So how do you find your purpose in life anyway? There are a lot of ways to do this, but here’s a simple yet effective way to do it.

First know that the more willing and open you are with this process as well as the more you visualize and expect that it will work, the quicker the results will be.

However, if you’re not open to this, or if you’re having doubt that it will work won’t stop it from working, but will just lengthen the time it takes to work.

Things to do:

  1. Get a clean sheet of paper or even open the Microsoft office word to type
  2. First write “What’s my real purpose in life?”
  3. Write all the answers that come out of your mind
  4. Repeat step number three until you write an answer that will make you cry. When you experience this one, you have found your purpose.

As simple as that! For some, this exercise makes sense, but to other people it seems stupid at all. If they will just do it willingly and seriously, they will come to know how important it is to their life. Usually this exercise only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

During the process, false answers emerge in your mind. However, when the real answer finally comes, it feels like the answer is produced from a new different source.

As you do this exercise, it is possible that some of your answers may be similar. It could also be possible that you will write again your previous answers. And then you may continue to write 20 more similar or different answers.

That’s alright. You can write any answer that comes out into your mind.

In some point during the exercise (normally after 50 to 100 answers), you may feel the urge to quit and do something else.  That’s normal. Just ignore this feeling and keep writing. This feeling will eventually pass.

There will be a time that you will discover some answers that will make you feel slightly emotional, but not the ones that will make you cry.

When you do, highlight those answers, so you will be able to get back to them to generate new ideas. Each of these answers reflects a small part of your real purpose, though incomplete.

When you start getting this kind of answers, this means that you are getting warm so keep going.

Perform this exercise alone without any interruptions. When I did this, it almost took me 25 minutes to reach my final answer and that was at number 107.

Certain answers that made me feel quite emotional appeared at number 22, 53 and 71 and almost the general idea of it comes into place as I arrive at number 100 to 106.

During the process, I felt tired and impatient around number 55 to 65. At number 70 I made a 3 minute break to relax, clear my mind and refocus my attention to the exercise. This had helped me as the answers I think of started to be clearer.

And my final answer was: to live courageously and consciously, to resonate with compassion and love, to awaken the powerful spirits within everyone, and to leave this beautiful world with peace.

Once you discover your own answer to that question of why you are here, you will totally feel the essence of it deep down yourself. Your answer seems to have a very special energy that you will feel how great the impact of that energy when you read it.

Finding your purpose is easy, but what is difficult is keeping your final answer with you on a day to day basis and working it on yourself up to the point that you will become one with that purpose.

If you want to know why this exercise works, the right person that can give you the best answer is no one else but you. You will come to know why it works once you successfully completed this exercise.

How To BREAK OUT Of Bad Moods . . .

As we all know, Bad moods are the dumps. No one likes bad moods and even more so, no one wants to be around someone who’s feeling sour.

A bad mood is a great way to bring you – and everyone around you – down a dwindling spiral. So how do you shake off a bad mood?

It’s easy! Just try out one of these simple ideas to turn your frown upside down:

1. Get dressed. That’s right. Get up, take a shower, put on some nice clothes and gussy yourself up to the nines.

* Studies have shown that your mood has a lot to do with your self-image. How different do you think your self-image is between a just-rolled-out-of-bed look and a ready-to-hit-the-ground-running look?

* By getting dressed and doing what it takes to make yourself look good on the outside, you feel better on the inside. When you feel better on the inside, your mood changes significantly and you’re ready to face the day.

2. Get moving. Exercise releases hormones that help alter your mood. Cleaning your space gets you moving and makes you feel better about your surroundings. It doesn’t really matter what you do; just get up, get out, and get moving.

* Many times your bad mood can be amplified by your lack of movement. Getting up and doing something, whether it’s exercising or even walking over to the nearest coffee shop, can give you a big mood boost.

3. Read a book. Reading a book takes you to a different place and allows you to step into someone else’s shoes. Why not pick up a book by your favorite author and let them transport you out of your bad mood for an hour or so?

4. Meditate. Deep breathing exercises and a focused mind can break you out of any sour mood. Remember back in grade school when you were taught to take deep breaths and count to 10 when you got angry? It was actually for a very good reason.

* When focusing on one thing and breathing deeply, our bodies tend to respond in a positive way by relaxing and releasing tension.

5. Hang out with friends. What are friends for? Be around any of your good friends for any length of time and you’ll be snapped out of that bad mood so fast you won’t even know what hit you.

6. Laugh. There’s no possible way that you can laugh and stay in a bad mood. It’s proven that your emotions follow your actions, which is why many therapists recommend taking action to cure things like anxiety and stress. Next time you’re in a bad mood, try laughing.

* I guarantee that you can’t stay in your bad mood after more than 5 minutes of continuous laughter!

7. Treat yourself. Do something just for you. You deserve it anyway. The key is to just go a little overboard and do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Have fun with it and make it memorable.

* Go shopping for one of your favorite articles of clothing and splurge a little if you can afford it.

* Have a massage or spa treatment. Similar to the meditation, this is a great tool to relax and break you out of whatever might be dragging you down.

* If you’re short on funds, go dream shopping. Go to one of the most expensive stores around and try on clothes or go test drive your dream car. Give yourself a reason to get back into the swing of things and get rolling again.

* Get a hot fudge sundae with extra hot fudge.

While there are many other ways to shake yourself out of a bad mood, these are a few great ways to start. Try some of them next time you’re feeling down. Better yet, see how many of them you can make it through before your bad mood has completely vanished.

My guess is you might only make it to the second tip, then you’re just doing it because it’s fun!

Success may seem elusive at times.

We may strive to achieve goals, read inspirational books and really work hard to make the quality shift we may desire in our lives.When that doesn’t work we blame it on luck.However, success has nothing to do with luck.

Success is a question of learning the key laws that govern the outcomes of your effort and taking action to move your Dream forward. My personal experience has been a rich journey that led me to identify what I consider as the Ten Vital Keys to Life Success.

Nowadays, in my work as a Life Coach I base my facilitation on these keys which have proved to be the most effective way to copewith Life’s challenges and achieve Life Success.

Here’s a very brief overview of the 10 Keys that can take you to the next level in life:

1) Challenge your Self-limitations : The biggest culprit in destroying Dreams is our own self-sabotaging thoughts.

We need to work on these before even considering further progress. There are a lot of ways to do this including by working on what I call your ‘Golum’ thoughts and creating empowering Beliefs.

Golum is the personification of the protective thoughts that run in our heads at times and which limit our life by putting excessive fear in risking and in trying out new things.

Our Golum might tell us things like:’You’ve failed before, what’s to stop you from failing again’ or ‘Don’t go out of your comfort zone or you will get pain’.

Challenging these thoughts and creating new empowering beliefs is a crucial step to trigger off your journey towards life success.

2) Charge your Body and Language: The way we move our body and the language we use have a powerful effect on our feelings and emotions.

Working on particular body movements and specific words we use can create a shift in our emotional status and motivational levels. By energizing our body movements and using transformational words we can shift our mental states to more empowering ones.

3) Clarify your Principles and Values: We all need a compass to direct our journey.

We also need to be aware of who we really are – what innate qualities dwell within us that are just waiting to be tapped and celebrated. Clarifying your Core Values through specific Values clarification exercises is a vital step towards empowering you to take clear decisions without too much hesitation.

Clarifying your Values will help you to identify your personal gifts and what direction you will choose to honor in your life.

4) Connect to your Dream and Life Purpose: Clear Values will help you to delve deeper and identify your Life Purpose. Through exercises such as the Universal Life Secrets program you can discover the True Mission and meaning of your life as well as tap the BIG Dream you want to achieve.

5) Create it in your Mind: Once you discover your Dream and Life Purpose you need to start working on Manifesting it.

The first creation is in the mind. By believing in your Dream and doing specific visualization exercises you will pave the way for success.

6) Commit Yourself Completely: Commitment is a crucial factor in ensuring success. You can’t look over your shoulder once you have a passionate Dream to follow.

There’s no turning back when you have inspired yourself to achieve higher standards and identified what you will no longer accept in your life. There comes a time when you will need to ‘burn the bridges’ and march forward with a clear sense of commitment.

7) Convert your passion into Action: There is no such thing as effortless success. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can just sit back and attract good luck and abundance simply by thinking yourself into it.

In order to succeed you must take massive action – right away after you take the decision to live your Dream.

8) Continue persisting with consistency: Persistence and perseverance is what finally births success.

It is the sheer will to continue on your chosen path, the focus of consistently hanging on to your Dream, watching the signs that Providence provides and immediately acting on them.

9) Consolidate and Expand: Once your Dream starts manifesting it’s important to continue raising your standards, expanding your boundaries and taking time to recreate yourself. Consistently doing things that raise your standards will ensure that you develop yourself to your peak performance

10) Contribute to a Higher Cause: Achieving self mastery will prompt you to look beyond your self-fulfillment.

Your new confidence and success will attract others to you and you will find yourself able to lead and communicate a shared Dream. Your ability to create a Legacy that will outlive you will be the apex of True Life Success.

So, are you ready to take the driver’s seat and start living your Dream?

If so…this will help you a ton:

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