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December 10, 2011

Life’s Secret Formula

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Yf + Yt +Yd + Ya = YR
YR x t = Your Future+/-

If you successfully comprehend and apply this secret formula in your life you can be, have, or do anything you want.

• Did you know this secret formula has been responsible for every success and achievement known to mankind, from Abraham of the Bible to Abraham Lincoln to Steve Jobs and the success of Apple today?

• Did you know this secret formula is also responsible for every failure mankind has suffered?

• Where you aware this formula has been at work in every moment of your life, since childhood?

• Did you know Life’s Secret Formula is non-neutral, meaning, if you don’t learn how to control and use this formula, it will control and use you?

In fact, every success you have had in your life has been a direct result of you properly applying this formula. Unfortunately, you stumbled on to it by accident, and were not consciously aware that you were using it. Nonetheless, it proved successful. In turn, every failure you’ve suffered has been the result of your failure to fully comprehend and apply Life’s Secret Formula.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what this Secret Formula was, and how to effectively apply it in your life?…….. Good news, Life’s Secret Formula can be understood, and successfully applied by anyone, even you!

As Winston Churchill said ” All great things are simple”, and Life’s Secret Formula is simple to learn and simple to do, but the unfortunate paradox of this formula is it’s very simplicity, makes it equally as easy not to do.

All that is required for Life’s Secret Formula to produce the results you desire in life is an open mind, and a willingness to ACT upon what you have learned. If you successfully grasp and apply this formula you can go from life’s outhouse to the penthouse, faster than you can imagine. If you are truly serious about changing your life and getting what you want, understanding and applying this formula is not optional, for you it is a must!

What exactly is Life’s Secret Formula?

Yf+ Yt +Yd + Ya = YR
YR x t = Your Future+/-

Life’s Secret Formula simply states that your focus determines your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your decisions. Your decisions determine actions. Your actions determine your results. Your results multiplied over time produces your future. A future, which is either positive or negative, depending on your application of this formula.

Your focus + Your decisions + Your decisions + Your actions =Your Results
Your Results x time = YOUR FUTURE +/-

The first component of this simple but powerful formula is your focus.

Another word for focus is attention. Whatever you are paying attention to or focusing on at a particular time will generally determine your thoughts, decisions, actions and results. The results you produce overtime will determine your future in that specific area of your life.

YOU ARE ALWAYS ABLE to focus on what you want, and to focus your thoughts on anything at all. Try it now by thinking about your parents, now change your focus and think about what you ate for dinner last night. Switch focus again and think about going on vacation. It really is that easy to focus on whatever you want to focus on.

The key is to know the result you want to produce in your life (your goal, desire, or objective) and then spend as much time as necessary and possible focusing on that result. You will soon find your thoughts, decisions and actions falling in harmony with the result you want to produce and you will immediately begin to see that exact result in small amounts. Do this over a long enough period of time and you will have the future you want. It’s that simple.

It all starts with focus, but how do you control, direct, and sustain your focus?

Focus is primarily determined by what we see, hear, and feel. Your job is to make sure the things you see, hear, and feel are in line with the result you want this formula to produce in your life. For example, if you want to lose weight and get in shape, do what I did when I went from fifty pounds overweight to under ten percent bodyfat in less than a year. I cut out pictures of people with the body I wanted, cut the heads off the pictures and replaced them with pictures of mine. Then I placed these pictures everywhere I spent time. In my bedroom, my car, at work, in the living room, the kitchen, etc.

“Focus is the key which turns the ignition of success.”
-Anthony Robinson

Seeing these pictures made me focus on losing weight constantly, thus my thoughts and decisions where to lose the weight. Those thoughts and decisions lead me to take the actions of getting off my butt and going to workout while eating properly. The result was each day I got a little healthier and a little lighter in small increments. Eventually those small results were allowed to compound over time producing the future I wanted: to have a lean muscular physique, like I did in college.

The future I wanted is my reality today because understood the power of this simple, but life changing formula. This formula not only allowed me to lose weight and get healthy. I used this formula to overcome and succeed despite numerous challenges, setbacks and heartbreaks over the past ten years, including:

·Laying in coma in 2001 not expected to live.
·Defying doctor’s prognosis that I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life following my coma.
·The loss of my mother to cancer in 2002.
·The death of my nineteen month old daughter in 2005.
·The loss of my father in 2005.
·Failed marriage in 2006.
·Fired from my job in 2006.
·Broke, alone, depressed, 50 lbs. overweight and suicidal in 2006.

By 2008, I had not only overcome the numerous personal losses. I lost fifty pounds and entered the world of sales with no prior experience and became one of the top three sales professionals in my industry. My success in sales allowed me to achieve financial independence within two year period. Today I am a successful business man and consultant who works with people and business around the world to create the change and success they desire.

Despite my setbacks, Life’s Secret Formula to not only enabled me to survive and overcome, but to thrive! Life’s Secret Formula has allowed to become victorious in every area of my life.

It will do the same for you.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to live the life you where meant to live. Start today by putting this formula to work in your life. Copy the formula below and paste it around your house, job, and in the car. Look at it constantly, letting it serve as reminder that by controlling your focus, you control your thoughts, decisions, actions, results, and ultimately your future.

Yf+ Yt +Yd + Ya = YR
YR x t = Your Future+/-

Your focus + Your decisions + Your decisions + Your actions =Your Results
Your Results x time = YOUR FUTURE +/-

Be like Napolean who said “Circumstances, what are circumstances? I make circumstances.”

Go out and start making big things happen in your life TODAY!

Einstein’s Formula for Success

Albert Einstein had a formula for success. Can you believe that? One of the greatest minds of all time developed a math formula for success! I suggest you read this carefully — this may be the most important math equation that you will ever see.

Einstein said, ‘If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z.

X is work.

Y is play.

Z is keep your mouth shut.”

Einstein no doubt had an excellent sense of humor. Let’s look at the 3 variables in this equation. They are:

1. Work

2. Play

3. Keeping your mouth shut!

1. Work: Albert Einstein had a tremendous work ethic and because of that gave more to society and modern science than any person in recent times.

2. Play: Einstein, however, did not work 24 hours a day and made time for fun and relaxation. His idea of fun may have been different than yours, but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t play.

3. Keeping your mouth shut: Finally, my favorite part of his success formal is to keep your mouth shut. I genuinely believe that the person who talks the least says the most. A friend of mine complains that the woman he is dating talks too much. I don’t know how to break the news to him; however, the problem is not that she talks too much. It simply is the fact that he is irritated that he isn’t able to talk. Now, let me just say this is not a generic man and woman statement. I am speaking about a specific person that I know. His desire is to constantly talk and because he likes to talk so much, he will talk in circles. If you let him talk long enough he will repeat the same thing three times and then contradict himself. His desire is not to hear but to be heard.

Albert Einstein, on the other hand had nothing to prove. He felt no need to be the “Chatty Cathy” he could have been with his knowledge. It wasn’t important to him to talk to everyone he met and talk over their heads to demonstrate his IQ. Instead, he learned the value of quietness and solitude.

Shift your mind set from being a talker to a listener. It has been said that you can make more friends in 5 minutes by becoming interested in others than you can make in 5 years of trying to get others interested in you! How do you become interested in others? You ask questions and then keep your mouth shut!

Dale Carnegie wrote a best selling book entitled ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’ One of the key premises of this book was that everyone’s favorite subject is actually themselves and that the sweetest sound to their ears is the sound of their own name. Einstein knew this and realized he could influence others by choosing his spots to speak and validating others by extending them the courtesy of listening.

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