Stories I only tell my friends: The Power Of Belief-System

September 23, 2011


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Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears are never use.

                                                                                                                                  Charles Schultz

1.Unwillingness to take risk

Success involves taking calculated risks. Risk-taking does not mean gambling foolishly and behaving irresponsibly. People sometimes mistake irresponsible and rash behavior as risk-taking. They end up with negative results and blame it on bad luck. Risk-taking is relative. The concept of risk varies from person to person and can be result of training. To both a trained mountain climber and a novice, mountain climbing is risky, but to the trained person is not irresponsible risk-taking. Responsible risk-taking is based on knowledge, training, careful study, confidence, and competence which give a person the courage to act while facing fear. The person who never does anything makes no mistakes. However, he doesn’t realize that not doing anything is his biggest mistake.

Many opportunities are lost because of indecision. It is habit-forming and contagious. Take risks but don’t gamble. Risk-taker go with their eyes open. Gamblers shoot in the dark. Once someone asked a farmer if he had planted wheat for the season. The farmer replied, “No, I was afraid it wouldn’t rain”. The man asked, “Did you plant corn?” The farmer said, “No, I was afraid of insects eating the corn”. Then the man asked, “What did you plant?” The farmer said, “Nothing, I played it safe”.

2.Lack of persistence

When problems seem insurmountable, quitting seems to be the easiest way out. It is true for every marriage, job and relationship. Winners are struck but not destroyed. We all have had setbacks in life. Failing does not mean we are failures. More people fail not because they lack knowledge or talent but because they quit. The total secret of success lies in two words, persistence, and resistance. Persist in what must be done and resist what ought not be done.

A man is a hero not because he is braver than anyone else, but because he is brave for ten minutes longer.

                                                                                                                    Ralph Waldo Emerson

3.Instant gratification

We think short term, not long term. That is limited vision. We are living in an age of instant gratification. This is a pill for everything, from waking you up to putting you to sleep. People want to get a pill to get rid of their problems. When people want to be instant millionaires, they take shortcuts and compromise on their integrity.

Remember that instant gratification never thinks of consequences, only of momentary pleasures. Today’s generation defines the ideal diet as one that will take off five pounds for good intentions. These are people who don’t want any more birthdays but want all the presents.

4.Lack of priorities

People make substitutes where they ought not to. For example, in relationships, they trade money and gifts for affection and time. Some people find it easier to buy things for their children and spouse to compensate for their absence.

When we don’t have our priorities right, we waste time, not realizing that time wasted is life wasted. Prioritizing requires discipline to do what needs to be done rather than going by our moods and fancies. Too much emphasis is place on success and failure rather than doing one’s best.

How do you cope with defeat and problems? Your response to this question says a lot about your character. One of the keys to solving this mystery to success is understanding. Some people have their mind set on money power, fame, or possessions. We have to understand our priorities.

Success does come by reading or memorizing the principles that lead to success, but by understanding and applying them.

5.Looking for shortcuts

No free lunch – There is a story about a king who called his advisers and asked them to write down the wisdom of the ages so that he could pass it on to future generation. After a lot of work, the advisers came up with several volumes of wisdom and presented them to the king. The king called his advisers and said that is too long, people would not read it. They had to condense it. The advisers went back to work and came back with one volume. The king said the same thing. They came back again with one chapter and then one page, and the king said the same thing still until they came up with one sentence that satisfied the king. He said that if there was one piece of wisdom that he wanted to pass on to future generations, it is this one sentence: “There is no free lunch”.

In every organization or society, there are freeloaders. They are people who want to get a benefit without paying for it. They are looking for freebies. By and large, sometime or the other, most of us have been guilty of being a freeloader. This is typically seen in associations and organizations. Most members are inactive. They want and get the full benefit of the effort of the active ones.

The easier way may actually the tougher way – Once there was a lark singing in the forest. A man came by with a box of worms. The lark stopped him and asked, “What do you have in the box and where are you going?” The farmer replied that he had worms and he was going to the market to trade them for some feathers. The lark said, “I have many feathers, I will pluck one and give it to you and that will save me looking for worms”. The farmer gave the worms to the lark and the lark plucked a feather and gave it in return. The next day the same thing happened and the day after on and on until a day came that the lark had no more feathers. Now it couldn’t fly and hunt for worms. It started looking ugly and stopped singing and very soon it died.

What is the moral of the story? The moral is quite clear – what the lark thought was an easy way to get food turned out to be the tougher way after all. Isn’t the same thing true in our lives? Many times we look for the easier way, which really ends up being the tougher way.

Losers look for quick fixes – There are two ways of getting rid of weed in your yard. The easy way and the not-so-easy way. The easy way may be to run a lawnmower and the yard look fine for a while, but that is a temporary answer. Soon the weeds are back. But the not-so-easy way may mean getting down on your hands and knees and pulling out the weeds by the roots. It is time-consuming and painful, but the weeds will stay away for a longer time. The first solution appeared easy, but the problem remained. The second solution, was not so easy, but took care of the problem from the roots. The key is to get the root of the problem.

The same thing is true of our attitude in life. Some people spread their attitude of bitterness and resentment and this attitude keeps cropping up in different parts of their lives. The problem with people today is that they want instant answers. They are looking for one-minute solutions to everything. Just like instant coffee, they want instant happiness. There are no quick fixes. This attitude leads to disappointment.

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