Stories I only tell my friends: The Power Of Belief-System

August 25, 2011


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Remember, our conscious mind has the ability to think. It can accept or reject. But the subconscious only accepts, it makes no distinction regarding input. If we feed our mind with thoughts of fear, doubt, and hate, the auto-suggestions will activate and translate those things into reality. The subconscious is the databank. Of the two, the subconscious mind is more powerful. The subconscious is like the automobile while the conscious is like the driver. The power is in the automobile but the control is with the driver.

The subconscious mind can work for or against us. It is not rational. When we are not successful we need to reprogram the subconscious. The subconscious mind is like a garden; it doesn’t care what you plant. It is neutral; it has no preferences. Bt if you plant good seeds, you will have a good garden; otherwise you will have a wild growth of weeds. I’d a step further to say, even you plant good seeds, weeds still grow, and the weeding process must continue constantly.

The human mind is no different. Remember, positive and negative thoughts can’t occupy the mind simultaneously. Companies spend close to a million dollars for a 30-second ad during a major event. Obviously, they are getting results. We see an ad for a particular brand of soft drink or toothpaste and we go to the supermarket and buy that brand. We don’t want any soft drink but only that brand. Why? Because we are programmed and act accordingly. In order to succeed, we need to get programmed in a positive way.

How do we get programmed?

Think how we learned to ride a bike. There are four stages:

The first stage is called unconscious incompetence. This is the stage where we don’t know that we don’t know. The child doesn’t know what is to ride a bike (unconscious) nor can he ride a bike (incompetence). This is the stage of unconscious incompetence.

The second stage is called consciously incompetence. This is the stage where the child grows and becomes conscious of what it is to ride a bike but cannot ride one himself, so he is consciously incompetence.

But then he starts learning and now comes a third stage which is called consciously competent. Now he can ride a bike but has to think every time to do so. So with all the conscious thought and effort, the child is competent to ride a bike.

The fourth stage is called unconsciously competent. It comes when the child has practiced consciously riding the bike so much that he doesn’t have to think. It becomes an automatic process. He can talk to people and wave to others while riding. That means he has reached the stage of unconscious competence. At this level we don’t need the concentration and thinking because the behavior pattern has become automatic (habits).

This is the level that we want all our positive habits to reach. Unfortunately, we have some negative habits too which are at the unconscious competence stage and are detrimental to our progress.

Studies have shown that approximately 90% of all smokers became smokers by the age of 21. If a person has not become a smoker by the age of 21, then there is a very small chance that the person will ever become a smoker. This only proves that smoking is conditioned subconsciously and our conditioning starts at a young age.

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