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August 22, 2011

Body Language Tips for Maximum Persuasion

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Exhibiting the proper body movements to get what you want from others is as important as reading body language.

Did you know that you can use your eyes to motivate others to speak more often, without asking them a single word?

In a group setting, the more eye contact a group member receives, the more prone he is to open up or speak out what’s in his mind.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Widen your eyes to show that you are interested. It means you are responding positively to what your counterpart is saying.

Don’t tap your feet because it sends signal that you are bored and want to get out of the discussion.

Quality of your voice is important. Make sure that your voice is clearly heard (but not loud) and that words are spoken clearly. Drink hot water or tea if you must to enhance your voice quality.

Don’t match angry or pessimistic tone of people when you are persuading. Maintain your same level of voice.

Sometimes, we are not aware that our tone of voice is offending someone. When I was in grade school, I talked to people in an energetic fashion, or so I thought. I only realize that my tone and way of speaking was offending someone when she actually told me that she didn’t like the way I speak. I was stunned. From then on, I am very careful whenever words come out of my mouth.

Never say statements like “You always..” and “You never…”

Be wary of facial expressions. Although some people can fake their smiles and expressions, it is difficult to maintain that fakeness for a long time. Within that time, closely observe for any sudden change of facial expression that reveals their true emotion.

However, never jump to conclusion. Although you might be fairly sure of their emotions, it is still recommendable to watch out for other cues. When there is a conflict between body language and words, the body language usually is right.

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